Beat Saber v1.30.0 With Queen Music Pack Released

Beat Saber v1.30.0 With Queen Music Pack Released
Published by 25 May, 2023 0 likes

Give it up for one and only - Queen! Slash to the beats of one of the most iconic rock bands in music history and experience Queen's legendary music like never before.


The Queen Music Pack is packed with all the great hits. Enjoy the pumping anthems you know by heart in a brand new custom environment, featuring silhouettes of each band member.

Track List:- Another One Bites the Dust- Bohemian Rhapsody-

Crazy Little Thing Called Love- Don’t Stop Me Now- I Want It All- Killer

Queen- One Vision-

Somebody to Love- Stone Cold Crazy-

We Are The Champions-

We Will Rock YouRelease Notes:Game:- Added: 11 new tracks from Queen, including new environment with neon-glow silhouettes of legendary Freddie Mercury, John Deacon, Brian May and Roger Taylor - Tweaked: Arc Options - hiding Arcs will disable haptics- Tweaked: Back columns in environments- Fixed: Several Arc and Chain interactions-

Fixed: Arcs are not connected to Chains tailEditor:- Added: New Audio spectrogram- Added: Click to select for box groups and event boxes-

Added: Ctrl + Space and long space to return to start beat on pause- Added: Show each Chain Link passing beat line separately-

Added: Rectangle selection to event box groups- Added: Return on Pause- Added: Update of chain links display - properly dimming links behind beat line- Fixed: Contrast of button states-

Fixed: Note feedback in Zen mode- Fixed: Scrolling precision calculation-

Fixed: v1/v2 laser rotation preview- Fixed: Endless loading issue while creating new beatmap- Fixed: Events not cleared on repeating open- Fixed: Laser rotation in v1 going crazy-

Fixed: Contrast for pressed / selected and disabled state- Fixed: Note feedback audible in Zen mode-

Fixed: Precision slider calculation- Fixed: Paging for v2 eventsSee you on the leaderboards!


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