Ready or Not Community Content Exhibit Vol. 5

Ready or Not Community Content Exhibit Vol. 5
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Attention OfficersWelcome to the 5th in our series of monthly newsletters dedicated entirely to community creations and contributions to Ready or Not; this week, we’ll focus on popular, well-made, and unique mods to augment your gameplay!


Community Spotlight – Mods of the Month1. ) Not So Convenient by TheLoafLordFor the first mod of this bundle, we’ve got a map that perfectly caters to a consistent community request.


Small maps!

The convenience store offers incredibly tight corners and the low number of possible hiding places mean that every single nook and cranny could hide one of the map's small handful of suspects.

As an added bonus, the map comes in Winter, Day, and Night variants to increase playability! Download Link: https://www. nexusmods.

com/readyornot/mods/15812. ) Forest House by RareKiwiOnce again featuring RareKiwi we keep the theme of compact maps, with Forest House.

A step up in size from the previous entry, the map offers a suspect-packed, claustrophobic, kill house where every engagement has to be undertaken carefully to ensure that you don’t get shot at from another hidden threat.

Download Link: https://www. nexusmods. com/readyornot/mods/12353. )

Sky Tower Remaster by aerostaticKeeping the incidental tradition of having a Swat 4 map recreation in these showcases, we have a recreation of a popular modded map.

The stark, clean halls of the skyscraper provide a sharp contrast to the last two maps, replacing drug addled crooks with a group of well trained, armed, and equipped raiders.

Download Link: https://www. nexusmods.

com/readyornot/mods/826ClosingGoing forward, we can’t wait to see what else the community brings to the table as we update the game and give modders more functionality to play with and improve their own works.


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