Exclusivity of Call of Duty for Xbox can help Battlefield

Exclusivity of Call of Duty for Xbox can help Battlefield
Published by 21 Sep, 2022 0 likes

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson saw uncertainty around Call of Duty plus for Battlefield.

During a recent speech, he said that the upcoming transition of Activision Blizzard under the Microsoft wing could increase the popularity of Battlefield, as it will definitely remain multi-platform.

Having lost Call of Duty, PlayStation fans will have to look for a replacement series on their platform, and here EA can take their attention, Wilson stressed.

"Now there are questions about the future of Call of Duty and on what platforms the series will develop. And here our independence is very useful.

The Battlefield series will definitely remain multi-platform, and this can open up new unique opportunities for it, "he said.

Wilson believes that the uncertainty surrounding Call of Duty will remain anyway. Even if the series remains on the PlayStation for years to come, it may become exclusive to the Xbox in the future.

For Battlefield developers, it is important to do well to prove yourself against this background.


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