World War 3 Feature Spotlight: In-Game Shop

World War 3 Feature Spotlight: In-Game Shop
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If you want to craft your own unique style and military identity in-game, the Shop is the place to be. Join us as we take a look at what’s on offer in-game in our latest Feature Spotlight!


INTRODUCING THE SHOPThe Shop is your sandbox for exploring a wealth of customization options and useful items.

As World War 3 enters Open Beta and a free-to-play model, the Shop is one of the ways we can support the game’s ongoing development and the release of additional free content.

Your gameplay won’t be impacted if you choose to buy (or not buy) anything here.

However, we hope that players enjoy mixing and matching items bought from the Shop and earned from Battle Passes to create a unique look for their Operators.

Explore an extensive range of items and gear to personalize your World War 3 experience, including:Operator Customizations (Patches, Flags, etc. )

Identification Customizations (Banners, Emblems)Weapon BlueprintsStrike BlueprintsVehicle BlueprintsOperator BlueprintsSpend UNC or SP here in exchange for new content, then customize your loadout and show it off in battle!

Content in the shop will rotate regularly, so keep an eye out for hot deals and new items.

SHOP CURRENCYThere are two types of currency in World War 3 that you can exchange for content in the Shop:UNC: Premium currency that can be purchased from the official website and in-game.

SP: Soft currency that can be earned through regular gameplay and progression (not available for purchase). BRUSH UP ON BLUEPRINTSBlueprints are one of the most common items you will see in the Shop.

They allow you to unlock weapons, gear, and strikes more quickly in specific configurations, along with exclusive skins.

Combine different items and Blueprints available in the Shop to bring a sharp sense of style to your Operator, weapons, vehicles, and strikes! IMPORTANT:

Blueprints can grant limited access to new base Weapons and Strikes before they have been fully unlocked. Unlock them via free progression to make full use of purchased Blueprints for customization.

NO PAY-TO-WIN MECHANICSWorld War 3 is free to play for everyone, but it’s critical to us that it’s also completely fair to play for everyone too, regardless of whether or not you choose to spend money on the game.

You will find no pay-to-win mechanics in the Shop; you can’t just buy the best guns and gear to get the edge in combat, you’ve gotta do it the right way through practice and perseverance!

There’s nothing in the Shop that will grant a permanent performance advantage.

All items offer either purely cosmetic value, a temporary progression bonus, or are available in-game outside of the Shop.

Additionally, items in the Shop related to gameplay performance are attainable to non-paying players through normal play and progression. Explore the Shop today in World War 3!


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