Voidtrain Hotfix 3 - Online game functions and more

Voidtrain Hotfix 3 - Online game functions and more
Published by 13 May, 2023 0 likes

Hello everyone! Third day - third fix (updated version of the game 11724).

We are trying to quickly fix the most critical issues so that you can build your trains and ride them through the Interdimensional.

So, what did we bring to you today: Fixed online game functions (the game should no longer open a browser tab with Epic Games when launching; players who did not see servers and could not connect/open a session due to the binding between Steam and Epic Games should no longer experience these issues).

Train armor no longer disappears after Save/Load. Fix for ultrawide monitors 21:9 and 32:9

(the diary was not fully visible on the screen, making it difficult to use). Hammer Destruction option is now activated by holding down the F button instead of pressing it.

Lootable containers and crates were not highlighted for the clients - fixed. Now the buttons and icons for the hammer and builder's book in the HUD are visually separated.

The rebind keys function is also connected to these actions. Item pick-up notifications disappeared after the character died - fixed.

Rofleemo workplaces reset after Save/Load - fixed Additionally reduced head bobbing for some animations + camera behavior in aiming has been improved.

The debuff "No Bed" when it shouldn't be there has been fixed. Improved dissolve effect on fabric in the “Darkness” quest.

Weapon modules should no longer fall into the mesh of the altar pedestals for chests. Fixed a synchronization issue with character-client movement during the sprint.

Rofleemo used to remain on the Gatherer’s Stations at the depot - fixed. Roflemoo, if they were kicked off the train, didn't cry and mourn in the depot immediately.

Now, they do it immediately. Shame on you!

Fixed one very strange Сrash. The placement of a statue in one of the final quests has been simplified due to complaints that it was difficult to find.

This is a list of issues that we are planning to fix in the upcoming hotfixes: The outpost quest can be blocked due to the inability to locate all AI.

This can be temporarily resolved through Save/Load, after which the quest will continue within 3 seconds.

We have finally identified a potential cause and plan to work towards fixing the bug in the next few days.

The possibility of losing quest amber on “The Creature” quest, if the client picked it up and left the session. Bug with obtaining the revolver earlier than planned according to the storyline.

Memory leak when using the Armory bench for a long time and constantly switching modules. Improving hitmarkers when hitting enemies (different hitmark scenarios).

Inability to destroy modules in the depot construction if the use key has changed. Character camera clipping through the textures in tunnels and low locations when jumping + crouching.

…and many other things that are already in progress. Thank you very much for playing VoidTrain and providing feedback.


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