World of Tanks Judgment Day: Lore Matters

World of Tanks Judgment Day: Lore Matters
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Some memories are more vivid than others. Like seeing “NO FATE” carved into wood with a combat knife.


These two words remind us that our future is malleable and we can win against odds that seem insurmountable.


Like that desperate mother shielding her son from an abominable enemy inhumanly more powerful than her. We can win because the rules can be rewritten or subverted.


Opponents can become our friends, and redemption is possible: A cyborg assassin can change sides and learn to understand why humans weep.


We can win because, even when brutally beaten, we can find alternate power within ourselves. Memories are elusive, and we often choose to keep tangible, lasting mementos.


And during the Judgment Day event, you can obtain plenty of those to keep in your Garage.


The CommandersYou have a rare opportunity to underline your playstyle in your favorite vehicles with commanders who speak their classic lines from the movie.


John Connor             T-800       Sarah Connor            T-1000He is reckless and irreverent—as is any teenager—but in his remarks, you feel the boldness of a future leader who can arrange his own birth and make his nemesis join his side.


This unit is of a classic, tried-and-tested, and durable model, but its adaptability cannot be underestimated. It can learn from experience and even overcome its original programming!


Fierce and protective, she will stop at nothing to become a better warrior. For her, every fight is a chance to learn something new and a step toward a larger goal.


Emotiveness is not among the strong suits of this one, but its cold, rational thinking and tactical versatility are. Very few have seen it experience a meltdown on the battlefield.


The 2D StylesMimetic Polyalloy: Even if you are very hard to beat (as was the T-1000), you do get a bit bruised when you fight.


Liquid polyalloy "remembers" every enemy hit and the deformation it caused. Show DetailsSkynet Bastion: This optical camouflage pattern was developed by an AI.


If you see a certain beauty in it, that‘s due to the bias of your organic mind: The key target parameter was performance.


Even the unique Marks of Excellence and projection decals are merely to tell high-performing units from the others in case direct control has been disrupted.


Show DetailsStep Into Eternity: A willing sacrifice for a team of those who are not your kin is a rare occasion.


Yet such decisions help turn the tides of major battles and set in motion events that once seemed improbable and unthinkable. Show DetailsThe DecalsThe Mother of the Year decal is an ode to humanity.

This quality can manifest itself in multiple ways. One way is in someone’s willingness to perish to protect another person (for example, their own child).

The Premiere Poster decal reflects a moment of choice—like when you stood in front of a cinema as a kid, staring at a movie poster and trying to figure out whether this one was going to be good.

And then you would buy the ticket and take the ride. And what a ride that was!

The Machine decal is about giving it all to complete the task.

Presumably, the moral unit has decided that the task serves the right cause, and now it’s time to concentrate on delivering on the assignment with machine-like, grade-A efficacy.

The InscriptionsThe iconic phrases “I’ll be back, ” “No problemo, ” and especially “Hasta la vista, baby” are not just words to live by; they reflect a certain attitude toward the universe and toward oneself—one of a powerful sentient battle unit who is becoming increasingly self-aware.

Once it learns irony from friendly humans, it finds its own way of self-expression. It eschews trivial self-mockery in favor of a totally awesome “I can do anything” vibe.

Because hey, we can all work to overcome our limitations and understand how others view the world. No problemo!

The T-832 TankThis tank was made out of metal from the smelter where the T-1000 and (a bit later) the T-800 met their end, so it has the imprints of both machines.

The T-832 combines the cold-minded scheming and adaptability of the former and the resolve and winning personality of the latter.

Take it out for a spin, and you’ll realize that a metallic entity can make a great companion.

The parameters displayed are valid for the vehicle with each crew member trained to 100% major qualification level.

Some vehicle characteristics can be further improved with the Commander's bonus to major qualification level, crew perks, and skills, as well as special in-game items.

Show DetailsThe MedalOnce you have collected every part and parcel of the Terminator 2 item collection, The Future Is Set medal will serve as sort of a key to a box that stores the precious mementos you now possess.

It is also a reminder that the future is determined only by our responsibility before the unknown. So let’s battle—for the future!


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