Deep Rock Galactic Legacy Edition leaving DRG on March 23

Deep Rock Galactic Legacy Edition leaving DRG on March 23
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Hello Miners, The booze is gone, the jukebox is full of beans, and the Anniversary event is finally coming to an end after 2 weeks of trophy hunting, free beer, and smooth jazz.

We hope you have enjoyed the event just as much as we enjoyed making it.

And a most hearty thank you to everyone who purchased the Supporter II Upgrade - it has been humbling and encouraging to read all the wonderful reviews.

A small PSA: We will keep DRG Legacy Edition available for an additional week.

It was initially meant to go away with the Anniversary Event, but we’ll keep it around until the next patch, which is scheduled for Thursday, March 23rd.

More than fifty thousand of you have had a dive into this janky ol’ time capsule and seen first-hand how far DRG has come in the past five years.

And if you haven’t had a chance to try out DRG Legacy yet, well, now you have another week to do so. Thank you again for celebrating these past five years with us, Miners.

We are hard at work on Season 04 as we speak, but more on that later as we get further along in development. Until then - Rock and Stone!

With Love, The Ghost Ship Crew


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