Black Desert [NA/EU] Patch Notes Summary - August 31, 2022

Black Desert [NA/EU] Patch Notes Summary - August 31, 2022
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Greetings Adventurers, Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on August 31, 2022 (Wed).


Marni's Realm - Aakman Temple/Hystria Ruins AdditionMarni's Realm is now available for both Hystria Ruins and Aakman Temple.


Both monster zones require a slightly different method of entry, as you cannot navigate in the desert.


Therefore, you will first have to find your way into these monster zones and go to the designated location to enter "Marni's Realm. "


(We have designated the two most preferred locations in both monster zones as the point of entry. Please refer to the screenshot below. )


● Applied the following changes to Marni's Realm:- "Aakman Temple" and "Hystria Ruins" have been added as Marni's Realm-supported monster zones.


Marni's Realm - Aakman TempleMarni's Realm - Hystria RuinsNode/Conquest War ImprovementsThis update brings about quality of life improvements and balancing to building siege weapons and annexes during Node and Conquest Wars.


First off, you'll be able to change the highlight color of other guild names, thus making it easier to discern between friend or foe.


In addition, for more convenient installation of forts or annexes, we reduced the construction time to 1 second and adjusted the types of terrain required for construction as well.


With the remote construction function added prior, we hope this update's additions also serve to be useful for our Node and Conquest War engineers.


Last but not least, we made Node and Conquest War forts, command posts, and annexes a bit sturdier, making them slightly more impervious to normal attacks so these buildings wouldn't be destroyed too quickly.

However, we also increased the damage of elephants and the ballista to retain the destructive power of siege weapons as well.

● Added the function to designate the highlighted color of guilds in Node and Conquest Wars. -

The button to designate guild colors can be found in the Guild window under the Occupying Area tab. -

You will need to be of Guild Officer rank or higher to change these colors once a Node/Conquest War has begun. -

For Node Wars, a temporary name will be displayed in the Set Node/Conquest War Guild Colors UI. Once you discover a fort in-game, the participating guild's name will be displayed.

- A system and chat alert will display the name of the guild member when they change the color settings. - There is a 1-minute cooldown to change these colors.

- All guilds under one alliance will be designated under a single color. ● Changed so the number of installed forts on the World Map (M) are now displayed an hour before Node/Conquest War begins.

● Improved so you can use hotkeys (1 to 0) to install annexes with the construction tools during Node/Conquest War.

● Improved so you can check War Installation Info when using annex construction tools in the Node/Conquest War.

● Changed the installation time for Fort/Command Post/Field HQ and all annex buildings from 15 to 1 second while Node/Conquest War is not underway.

- Installation time still remains 15 seconds when a Node/Conquest War is underway.

● Adjusted the terrain requirements for installing Fort/Command Post/Field HQ and all annex buildings for Node/Conquest Wars. - You can now install structures even on terrain with a slight incline.

Terrain that are too steep are still excluded from installation. ※

The bottom portion of structures will appear differently based on the installed terrain.

[IMAGE]● Changed the maximum durability of forts and command posts for Node/Conquest War. - Fort (Tiers 1 to 4): durability +20%-

[Conquest] Command Post: durability +20%● Changed the maximum durability and DP of recovery centers for Node/Conquest War. - Recovery Center (Tier 1): durability +10%- Recovery Center (Tier 2): durability +10%, DP +25%- Recovery Center (Tier 3): durability +10%, DP +16.

7%- Recovery Center (Tier 4): durability +10%, DP +14. 2%- Recovery Center (Conquest): durability +10%, DP +28. 5%● Changed the maximum durability of supply depots for Node/Conquest War. -

Supply Depot (Tier 1): durability +15%- Supply Depot (Tier 2): durability +15%- Supply Depot (Tier 3): durability +15%- Supply Depot (Tier 4): durability +15%- Supply Depot (Conquest): durability +15%● Changed the maximum durability and DP of elephant nurseries for Node/Conquest War.

- Elephant Nursery (Tier 1): durability +10%- Elephant Nursery (Tier 2): durability +10%, DP +25%- Elephant Nursery (Tier 3): durability +10%, DP +16.

7%- Elephant Nursery (Tier 4): durability +10%, DP +14.

2%- Elephant Nursery (Conquest): durability +10%, DP +28. 5%● Changed the maximum durability of normal and enhanced flame towers for Node/Conquest War.

- Flame Tower (Tier 1): durability +10%- Flame Tower (Tier 2): durability +10%- Flame Tower (Tier 3): durability +10%- Flame Tower (Tier 4): durability +10%- Flame Tower (Conquest): durability +10%- Enhanced Flame Tower (Tier 3): durability +15%- Enhanced Flame Tower (Tier 4): durability +15%- Enhanced Flame Tower (Conquest): durability +15%● Changed the damage of normal and big hwachas for Node/Conquest War.

- Hwacha and Big Hwacha: damage against players +10% for all tiers of Node War and Conquest War-

Hwacha and Big Hwacha: damage against horses and elephants +5% for all tiers of Node War and Conquest War● Applied the following changes to elephants and Cadria elephants usable during Node/Conquest War. -

Spear thrower (in passenger seat) damage +50%- Basic and charging attack damage +50%-

Horn Attack and Fore Chop damage +37. 5%- Damage against players +15%- Max HP +100%● Increased Ballista Workshop's DP

+300% for Conquest War. ● Applied the following changes to the ballista:-

You can now attack Wooden Fences, Wooden Fence Gates, and Barricades with the Ballista. - Damage against Recovery Centers, Supply Depots and other annex buildings +1000%- Damage against players +7.

7%- Damage against Castle Gates +50%-

[Guild] Old Ballista Arrows can now be used in a Ballista. *

[Guild] Old Ballista Arrows can be purchased from the Supply Depot. Arena of Solare● Added the party queue feature for Arena of Solare's Practice Mode.

- You can now queue up for Practice Mode in a party of 2 or 3 members.            - Only the party leader can queue up to find a match for all party members.            -

Any party member can cancel the queue.            - All party members must be on the same server to queue up for a match.            *

Your party cannot queue up for a match if any of your party members are restricted from queuing. -

If any party member changes servers, moves to Character Selection, switches characters, or disconnects while in queue, your party will be removed from the queue.

- You cannot change the party leader, invite new party members, or kick them while in queue. ● Changed how the MVP and ACE are determined once a match ends.

* Removed the condition of the MVP/ACE being determined by dealing a certain amount of damage.

* The MVP/ACE will now also factor in number of kills and debuffs as well as total damage dealt.            -

The Adventurer whose Family achieves rank 1 in the Solare Incarnate (V) tier will now receive an exclusive badge:      SystemImprovements on the Auto-run feature showcased through Global Lab will be applied.

Previously, players were guided in the safest route possible to ensure no significant threats occurred on their adventure, and this sometimes meant the long way around was taken.

To minimize these aspects, players will now be taken to a more efficient route. The issue of obstacles not being detected, and players simply being guided in a straight line, has also been improved.

BeforeAfter> You can read the rest of update details here <


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