Happy New Year Letter from Counter-Strike Nexon Dev Team

Happy New Year Letter from Counter-Strike Nexon Dev Team
Published by 19 Jan, 2023 0 likes

Hello, everyone. This is the Steam Dev team for Counter-Strike Nexon: Studio.


We'd like to greet our players as we welcome the 2023 new year. A lot of things happened this year.

We were able to welcome the new year with our players as we're doing now, through the consistent support and constructive criticism loaded with the player's love for the game.

We showcased the new mode, Zombie Conquest, as a beta version in its development stage back in June, to gather your suggestions and opinions.

It was a very important time where we made note of all player reviews and suggestions, but we are quite disappointed that we weren't able to provide a satisfactory experience because the Zombie Conquest beta version had many elements that were inadequate.

For team-based content like Zombie Conquest to be serviced with more stability, we will use the many suggestions that you've sent us.

In addition to the improvements and updates that we made in December, we will continue to release more updates and improvements, so we ask for your continued support.

Also, more updates and improvements are scheduled for the popular mode among players, the Zombie Scenario, so please look forward that it as well.

Lastly, we'd like to thank you once again for your support over the year of 2022.

We'll be a development team that strives to match your support and expectations in the new year of 2023, and we wish you a happy new year!

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