Splinter Cell remake will offer photorealistic graphics

Splinter Cell remake will offer photorealistic graphics
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Earlier this week, Ubisoft Toronto talked about the Splinter Cell remake, revealing some new details.


The studio promises a high-quality game that will lay the foundation for the further development of the series.

The project is being created entirely from scratch on the Snowdrop engine and will receive many improvements, including a modified AI, improved animation quality, lighting with ray tracing, more realistic soundtrack and increased variability of locations in the manner of Chaos Theory.

One more interesting detail has emerged from Ubisoft Toronto's open announcements: the developers are striving to make an updated Splinter Cell with photorealistic graphics.

This is stated in the vacancy of the senior character artist.

The studio is looking for a specialist who will "create highly detailed and photorealistic three-dimensional models of characters and textures for use in the game, including heads, hair and clothes."

Apparently, when redesigning Splinter Cell, developers are going to maximize the potential of current platforms, but the result of this will not be visible soon.

At the moment, the project is at the prototyping stage.


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