The development of Forspoken for PlayStation 5 could cost $ 100 million

The development of Forspoken for PlayStation 5 could cost $ 100 million
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The development of the failed fantasy RPG Forspoken from the studio Luminous Productions cost Square Enix a tidy sum.


The production budget was revealed by Allison Rymer, who was the lead screenwriter of the project.

In the description of her profile on the LinkedIn website, she indicated that she led the work on the Forspoken story, which was spent over $ 100 million to create.

This figure is comparable to the costs of the numbered parts of Final Fantasy, as previously stated by FFXVI producer Naoki Yoshida.

According to him, it can take more than $100 million to work on one major Final Fantasy, excluding advertising.

It is worth noting that Forspoken is far from the only big—budget failure of Square Enix in terms of sales.

Previously, the company lost about $ 200 million on the release of Marvel's Avengers and Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, but at the same time continues to increase spending on game development, which last year reached a record high of $ 792 million.

Square Enix reacted to the failure of Forspoken by disbanding the studio Luminous Productions, and also warned investors that low sales of the game pose a "significant risk" of reducing overall revenue for the year.


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