Update Crossout: Polar lights

Update Crossout: Polar lights
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The Hyperboreans have already arrived in the Valley!


Take part in the “Polar lights” season and unlock the parts of the new northern faction, create brawls based on your own rules in the “Game center” mode, and don’t forget to test the co-driver “Hertz” on the new “Volcano” map!


New season “Polar lights”Attention! The “Polar lights” season and battle pass packs will be available until June 7 inclusive!


On consoles both battle pass packs will become available at 10:00 GMT, February 2. Show DetailsNew parts of the seasonMachine gun “Gungnir” Rarity: epic.


PS: 1100. Durability: 173 pts.


Energy drain: 4 pts. Mass: 270 kg.


Perk: as the weapon heats up, its rate of fire and spread decrease up to 16% and 80% respectively. Track “Sleipnir” Rarity: epic.


PS: 370. Max. speed: 80 km/h. Tonnage: +1650 kg.


Cabin power: -20%. Features: 25% resistance to bullet damage; 50% resistance to melee damage; 65% resistance to fire damage.


Durability: 500 pts. Mass: 340 kg.


Cabin “Huginn” Type: heavy. Rarity: epic.


PS: 1500. Maximum cabin speed: 67 km/h. Tonnage: 7700 kg.


Mass limit: 17000 kg. Adds energy: 11 pts.


Durability: 460 pts. Mass: 2202 kg.


Perk: when the weapon overheats, the cabin accumulates charges each of which reduces the cooling time of all weapons by 35%. Each charge is active until the weapon cools down.


Stacks up to three times. Machine gun “Nothung” Rarity: legendary.


PS: 1600. Durability: 233 pts.


Energy drain: 4 pts. Mass: 324 kg.


Perk: After the weapon cools down from full overheating the first 5 shots deal 100% more damage. Cabin “Muninn” Type: medium.


Rarity: legendary. PS: 2100.

Maximum cabin speed: 72 km/h. Tonnage: 6000 kg. Mass limit: 15500 kg.

Adds energy: 12 pts. Durability: 430 pts.

Mass: 2700 kg. Perk: Allows you to specify the attack target for any drones mounted on the armoured vehicle (except for the autonomous drones).

It only affects the enemies within radar range. When activated, increases damage of controlled drones by 100% for 7 sec.

Cooldown is 10 seс. When the effect expires the drones are destroyed.

Generator “Thor-6S” Rarity: legendary. PS: 1600.

High explosion power. Adds energy: 4 pts.

Durability: 162 pts. Mass: 320 kg.

New CKsCk “Hammerhead fish” for the cabin “Omnibox”CK “Kobold” for the drone “Fuze”Game centerThis update adds a new section “Game center” to the game.

There you can create your own modes with your own rules and become a famous master of exciting battles in the world of the Wasteland! Important!

The “Custom battle” mode is now available through the “Game center”, in the “Preset modes” section.

Show DetailsCo-driversNew co-driver “Hertz”No one in the Valley accepted Hertz because of his excessive fondness for dangerous experiments, which made the young scientist very angry.

After years of wandering around power stations and transformer booths, his talents were finally recognized by the mercenaries.

For them, the most important quality in a person was the ability to destroy. Show DetailsOther co-driversFalcon

The talent now charges for 3 sec. (instead of 2 sec.

earlier)Comment: before these changes, Falcon’s talent was activated significantly more often than the talents of other teammates, which made him almost the most effective choice for many players.

Yuki Now, to activate the talent, you need to score 2 points (instead of 4 points before). Comment: the situation is opposite to the situation with Falcon.

Yuki’s talent was rarely activated due to the excessive requirements, which affected Yuki’s effectiveness. This change will make it easier to use her talent.

New PvP map “Volcano”This is a 2-level map for battles in the “Encounter” mode. The location features an area that was once a scientific station that survived a volcanic eruption.

It now serves as a place where the Hyperboreans recycle old submarines and other equipment for their needs. Panorama of the mapIn total, there are 2 main areas that can be distinguished on the map.

The first is 2 parallel descents for long-range battles, while the second one is a plateau with plenty of cover and a capture point.

Each descent has 2 possible paths of travel: one leads to a firing position that can be used to shoot on the opposite side, while the other is hidden from enemy fire and will allow you to reach the lowlands without too much trouble.

Both descents are connected by a bridge, which can help melee fighters go behind the backs of gaping snipers.

On the plateau, the vehicles assembled for melee fights and fights at medium distances will feel more comfortable.

In the meantime, long-range vehicles must cover their allies, keep an eye out for enemy snipers and make their lives as difficult as possible.

Other The following maps have been added to the clan battles rotation: Bridge; Fortress; East quarter; Naukograd; Peaceful atom; Marble quarry; Nameless tower.

The map “Factory” has been removed from the clan battles rotation. Improved one of the spawn points on the map “Station Control-17”.

Improved a number of physical models of environmental objects on the “Rock City”. Implemented minor changes to the environmental objects in the garages of Engineers, Syndicate and Assault force.

Show DetailsShow DetailsShow DetailsShow DetailsShow DetailsFor more information on Crossout, follow these channels: Twitter Reddit Youtube Facebook Discord


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