The first details and art of The Callisto Protocol: Final Transmission

The first details and art of The Callisto Protocol: Final Transmission
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The story DLC for the horror The Callisto Protocol called Final Transmission recently received a short teaser trailer that revealed the release date, but little was known about the supplement itself.


On the eve of the release, Striking Distance Studios published the first details of the expansion on the PlayStation blog and told what players can expect from the finale.


After completing the main game, the circumstances get even worse.


The virus that has wreaked havoc inside the prison threatens to get out, and in order to prevent this, the main character Jacob will have to get Dr. Mahler's data and transfer them to the planet.


"It won't be just a walk in the park. You have to fight with all your might to make your way through the monster-infested corridors, fraught with a new abomination."


The team listened to the feedback from the players and decided to add a new powerful melee weapon to the DLC - a kinetic hammer.


In addition to the usual light and heavy attacks, with the help of a hammer, it will be possible to deal an accumulated blow with even greater force, which will allow you to destroy everything you touch.

The hammer should become a valuable tool in the fight against new types of enemies - biophage robots.

As the name suggests, the new opponents are a symbiosis of biophages and security robots, in the battle with which players will have to rely on various tactics.

"In the main game, security robots are found only a couple of times. In the last chapter, we decided to delve into the idea of what happens when biophages start taking over machines."

In the final of the expansion, players are prepared for a "special" boss with a certain ultimatum ability, designed to demonstrate the full power of the kinetic hammer and force them to develop the best strategy to defeat him.

The developers also took into account the comments that all the enemies in the original game felt the same, but how much this moment changed in Final Transmission is not yet known in detail.

Final Transmission will be the first and last story expansion for The Callisto Protocol. Final Transmission will be released on June 27.

The addition will be part of the Season Pass, which also includes other previously added content and modes.


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