Cyberpunk 2077 will change a lot with the release of the "Phantom Freedom" expansion

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Cyberpunk 2077 will change a lot with the release of the "Phantom Freedom" expansion
Published by 13 Jun, 2023 0 likes

After the release of the large-scale plot expansion "Phantom Freedom", almost no system of the original Cyberpunk 2077 will remain in its original form.


This was told by the creative director of the project Pavel Sasko.

In a recent interview with VGC, the developer stated that before going on a "new journey across the USA" and assembling a team to produce a sequel, he intends to bring the original game to its best technical condition, for which it was criticized at the time of release.

What will change in Cyberpunk 2077 by the release of the add-on:All the main and main systems of the game have been redesigned or largely updated. The largest of them are perks and the skill tree.

They have been completely rebuilt. There will be combat vehicles and a shooting function from the car, which will rethink the chase anew.

For example, while riding a motorcycle, you can wield a katana.

The developers have also significantly expanded artificial intelligence and completely redesigned the police system, which was created almost from scratch and now has several levels of search, as well as a new type of opponents.

In Dog City, the pursuers will be different from those who live in Night City. The whole structure of the game progression has been redesigned.

The difficulty curve, the level system, loot dropout and much more have changed. Archetypes of enemies have been redesigned for their greater variety.

The user interface and interaction with it have been significantly improved.

The criticism of the open world has been taken into account, including the behavior of pedestrians has been improved and the AI of enemies has been improved.

During the battles between the factions on the streets, it will now be possible to observe dynamic car chases.

The improvements added together with the "Phantom Freedom" became possible due to the refusal to support "technically imperfect" pastgen versions of the game.

This allowed developers to use additional memory available only on current-generation consoles. Cyberimplants have been completely redesigned.

The new system will show what kind of load Vi's body can withstand from them before he goes into "cyberpsychosis".

The entire skill system has been changed, focusing not on increasing the numbers of character characteristics, but on providing players with real abilities that they can apply during gameplay.

For example, one skill will add a new movement in a jerk, while others will allow you to deflect bullets or perform finishing blows.

Modifiers for each skill will help players further enhance their properties. Vehicles will also have weaknesses, such as charging ports.

Jackie Wells' mom will become a full-fledged fixer and will mark places for Vee in Night City where cars can be stolen.

New secondary tasks will be tied to this, such as stealing a car without damage while the enemy is chasing you.


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