Stellaris Dev Diary 304 - 3.8.4 Released, Whats Next?

Stellaris Dev Diary 304 - 3.8.4 Released, Whats Next?
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by EladrinHello everyone !


The ‘Gemini’ 3. 8. 4 update has been released today. In it, we’ve continued post-release balance work.


Some of the bigger changes in the release include the conversion of several leader traits into Council Traits either to reduce micromanagement (moving a governor from planet to planet to maximize benefits of some traits) or to address undesired stacking issues.

STELLARIS 3. 8. 4 PATCH NOTESShow MoreMore changes to leader traits and some of the mechanics surrounding them will be coming in 3. 9 in the fall.

We’re placing some of the ideas and suggestions we’ve received into our “Summer Experimentation” bucket and we’ll see which ones pan out.

At this point we feel that 3. 8 Gemini is in a stable state, and barring the need for a 3. 8. 5 hotfix, the next planned release will be 3. 9 Caelum.

(Caelum, “the Chisel”, represents a sculptor’s tools. Perfect for a balancing and polish update. )

Living Standards, Political Power and Unity Generation​A pass has been done on living standard political power and unity generation to normalize them when compared with one another - living standards like Shared Burdens and Utopian Abundance were not generating enough, while Academic Privilege was previously the “champion of Unity” - a little odd for the Materialist living standard.

After these changes, Utopian Abundance should be at the top of the charts, followed by Shared Burdens. (Which no longer needs the “double Unity from the Egalitarian faction” crutch. )

These changes have gone live in today’s update. Habitats and You​A few people [ed: a few? ! ?

] have discussed the tendency of late game systems to become flooded with extreme numbers of habitats.

We have some ideas on different ways to curb this behavior while still ensuring that habitats are thematic and effective, especially in the hands of Void Dwellers.

I’ll have a broader feedback discussion later on during the summer where we present some of our ideas, discuss how experiments with them went, and collect additional feedback from the community.

Stellaris with a TwistStellaris with a Twist is our streaming event, where Ep3o and AlphaYangDelete play co-op multiplayer, and try to accomplish goals suggested and chosen by the Community.

If you have a suggestion for the final stream's goals, you can submit it here, and if you've missed part of this event you can get caught up here!

The last session of Stellaris with a Twist is next week, at 1500 CEST!

Don't miss the exciting conclusion and find out which of our streamers will accomplish their Community-Suggested Goals for the Stream! Free to Play Weekend​But wait, there's more!

What's better than having a galaxy full of wonder to explore? Conquering that galaxy with a friend, obviously!

From June 22nd to June 26th, Stellaris will be Free to Play; there will never be a better time to introduce a friend to Stellaris -- and with the addition of co-op, you can now work together to conquer liberate the galaxy like never before.

In Stellaris multiplayer, the host's DLC is shared between all the players in the game -- the same holds true for co-op, even if one of the players is playing for free.


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