War Thunder mile Bertin light cruiser: hit and run

War Thunder mile Bertin light cruiser: hit and run
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The French Émile Bertin light cruiser lacks protection, but is capable of inflicting deadly damage. The Agile glass cannon of the seas comes to the game in the La Royale update!


Émile Bertin, light cruiser, France, rank IVFeatures: Punchy AP rounds High mobility Multiple AA guns Poor


protectionThe Émile Bertin light cruiser will be available at the very beginning of the French navy CBT in the La Royale major update.


The ship is almost stripped of armor, but features excellent mobility and powerful APCBC rounds, capable of taking on ships of heavier classes. Meet the French ‘glass cannon’ of rank IV!


Émile Bertin can be classified as a cruiser only in terms of armament. Her protection is hardly different from destroyers and it is very difficult for a ship to survive a hit.

Such a sacrifice had to be made to maintain a small displacement and reduce the cost of production.

The hull of the ship is made of structural steel up to 25 mm thick, only the navigation bridge and magazines have additional armor plates.

In this regard, active actions at the head of a group of allies or engaging other ships alone will usually end badly for the French light cruiser.

Yes, Émile Bertin can’t take the heat, but that's where her cons end! The ship is armed with 152 mm guns, three triple-barreled turrets, 9 in total.

In addition to domestic French shells, the magazines include the American Mk. 35 APCBC, but due to the difference in the characteristics of the guns, with higher velocity and armor penetration than other ships able to offer.

At close range, Émile Bertin is capable of penetrating most heavy cruisers and even causing trouble for some enemy battlecruisers, not to mention lighter ships.

Universal 90-mm guns have high-explosive and remote fuse shells, allowing the captain to engage high-altitude aircraft or wipe the crews on the ship decks.

Also, Émile Bertin wields 4 twin-barreled 37 mm cannons as well as 25 AA heavy machine guns.

The feather-light Émile Bertin speeds up to 40 knots (74 km/h) and maneuvers well, making her a good point capper and allowing the ship to be the first to take cover for artillery and torpedo ambushes.

By the way, the light cruiser also has a catapult for the maneuverable reconnaissance GL . 832 hydroplane, which can easily capture points hidden from the main enemy group behind rocks and islands.

The Émile Bertin will be a good choice for the first ship in battle or a point capture ship when the battle rages on far away.

She may not be the easiest ship to play, but a skilled captain will definitely find the right time and place for the light cruiser's talents in battle.

Émile Bertin and dozens of other French ships will be waiting for their first commands in the La Royale update.

Be the first to command her into battle, place an order for French Navy CBT early access packs in our store!


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