War Thunder Following the Roadmap: Updated Economy

War Thunder Following the Roadmap: Updated Economy
Published by 20 Jun, 2023 0 likes

We continue to move forward with the plans listed in our roadmap, and the next big news after the La Royale major update is the updated economу that the majority of the community voted for.

The highly anticipated update is here!

Repair costs have been reduced, while SL gain has been increased — so that, on average, players using vehicles of any rank will break even, even without a premium account.

These changes affect the overwhelming majority of vehicles in the game, meaning that the average player is likely to notice them after several battles.

Additionally, vehicles of the same class, battle rating, and economic rank will now have very similar economic characteristics.

You can learn more from these spreadsheets: Average repair cost and reward changes by ranks Repair cost changes by vehicleAnother great new feature: now in the preferred locations and missions window you’ll instantly see which battle rating each mission is available at.

This will make choosing your preferred locations and missions easier.

As we release the planned changes in our roadmap, we'll also continue to update the infographic, so that you can easily see what we have already implemented. Here is the latest version!

Check out these improvements and tell us what you think: on Steam, social media or the official forums!


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