Planet Zoo: Arid Animal Pack and Free Update 1.14 Out Now!

Planet Zoo: Arid Animal Pack and Free Update 1.14 Out Now!
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Hayo Zookeepers! It's time to break out the sun cream, put on your sunglasses, find a shady spot, and drink plenty of water, because the Planet Zoo: Arid Animal pack is out now!


There's plenty of time to grab it on Steam while free Update 1. 14 downloads.

It's time to welcome 8 new animal friends to your zoos that are all especially adapted to life in harsh arid climates: the hardy Dromedary Camel, the elegant Addax and Dama Gazelle, the prickly African Crested Porcupine, the shy and elusive Sand Cat, the sturdy Black Rhino, and the striped Somali Wild Ass.

Rounding out the cast is the pack's Exhibit animal: the sleek and rattling Desert Horned Viper.

The Arid Animal Pack is a celebration of the fauna living in the arid lands, with 8 impressive animals that all have ways to overcome the hardships of the heat.

Alongside these new creatures you'll be able to put your zoo management skills to the test in a new Career Scenario set in the Middle East.

Socialite turned conservationist Tiffany Summers is trying to build a new zoo, but she needs your help making sure things run as smoothly as possible.

Let's make sure the zoo is ready for the big party to celebrate its opening!

Expect several animals from the Arid Animal Pack to show up in this new narrative scenario, so this is the perfect way to learn how to best take care of these wonderful creatures.

Free Update 1. 14 brings several new and exciting features to Planet Zoo, including Staff Flexicolour options for your zoo staff!

With this new feature you'll be able to customise the colours of your staff's uniforms, so they'll always look their very best.

You can create custom colour schemes for your favourite members of staff through their individual info panel, or select different colourways for each staff type through the Staff Overview screen.

The choice is yours! Also coming in the free update are new spitting behaviours for your Bactrian Camels, Llamas, and the new Dromedary Camel introduced in this pack!

Guests might be in for a surprise if they get too close to the animals' habitats, but luckily it won't have a negative impact on your guests' happiness.

Last, but certainly not least, we want to highlight both of our new camera modes, the Scenic Mode and the Cinematic Route Editor.

Both these features will let you create amazing looking vista shots and cinematic videos of your Zoos!

The Scenic Mode lets you record footage from one vantage point and allows you to further customise this with pre-defined camera behaviours such as spin, ellipse, zoom, spiral in and spiral out.

The Cinematic Route Editor is a more intricate tool that will allow you to create animated routes of your zoos by giving you the opportunity to manually add key frames to areas of your choice.

These key frames can all be connected or cut separately, still moving through a sequence to create a unique and defined path for the camera to transition through.

Each key frame you add can also be individually customised and there are also route settings available, so definitely give it a go and play around with it!


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