Xbox-exclusive Avowed is at the pre-alpha stage

Xbox-exclusive Avowed is at the pre-alpha stage
Published by 19 Jun, 2023 0 likes

Although the Avowed gameplay trailer shown at the Xbox presentation caused a generally positive reaction, one of the developers of the fantasy RPG assured that players should not worry about some of the shortcomings they saw at the moment.

An employee of Obsidian Entertainment under the nickname Brian Diem told the RPGCodex forum that the project has not yet reached the alpha stage, so the graphics will almost certainly be finalized as development is completed.

He noted that the design of the game is already final and will not change, but the visual and in particular the lighting may undergo changes.

In addition, Avowed will have the longest alpha and beta stage among all Obsidian games, which should have a positive effect on identifying bugs before release.

The output of Avowed is announced for 2024.


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