Conqueror's Blade Behind The Scenes: Onna-musha (4-Star Unit)

Conqueror's Blade Behind The Scenes: Onna-musha (4-Star Unit)
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Conqueror’s Blade: Sengoku features three new Japanese-inspired Seasonal Units, each with its own special talents, traits, and traditions.

We sat down with the developers at Booming Tech to discuss the inspiration, tactical usage, and more behind the Onna-musha (4-Star Unit).

Q: As only the third female Unit to be added to Conqueror’s Blade, the Onna-musha are very powerful. Why did you choose this Season to add another female Unit?

A: We believe whether male or female, we each possess great power.

That's why we truly respect every female warrior throughout history. We'll continue to make more of these when we find enough inspiration and historical background to do so.

Q: The Onna-musha deal the greatest damage to melee units, but which Unit type are they susceptible to?

A: They take heavy damage from Ranged attacks and fare poorly against the crowd-control effects of heavier weaponry, including Cavalry charges.

Q: During the Sengoku period, there are several accounts of women fighting actively on the battlefield.

What are your recommendations for players to keep the Onna-musha an indispensable part of their Warband? A: The Onna-musha draw their blades with zeal but are easily taken down if they act alone.

Your best bet is to pair them up with other defence-oriented Units. A good option would be to use the Onna-musha, a defence-oriented Unit, and then add some Ranged and Cavalry in the mix too.

Q: Do you have any top tips for how to use the Onna-musha effectively? A:

It's important to use Onslaught at the most opportune moment. While remaining close enough to the enemy to attack, you must also be far enough away that shielded Units can't block the attack.

Quickly closing the distance with Charge to catch them unawares can be a good tactic.

Stay tuned for an upcoming Behind The Scenes article about the Orochi Samurai, and catch up on our look at the Ronin.


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