Xenonauts 2 turnbased tactics will be released in early access on July 18

Xenonauts 2 turnbased tactics will be released in early access on July 18
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The Hooded Horse company is going to present Xenonauts 2 in early access on July 18. Goldhawk Interactive studio is engaged in the development, which announced the project back in 2018.


Players are waiting for a turn-based tactical strategy in the spirit of the original XCOM, where they have to defend the Earth from alien invaders. It's 2009.


The Cold War continues, and the Berlin Wall is still standing. A secret organization that does not share political borders, secretly collects information about a terrible threat to humanity.


The appearance of unidentified flying objects and unknown creatures is happening more and more often against the background of escalating international conflicts, general tension and panic.


Those who report such events often disappear without a trace. It becomes clear that the aliens are acting more confident every day, and the time has come.


The latest trailer can be viewed below. Xenonauts 2 will be released on Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG.





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