Redfall received the first major patch with over 80 fixes

Redfall received the first major patch with over 80 fixes
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Arkane Austin studio has released the first major patch for the vampire shooter Redfall since its release on May 2.


At the same time, the team stated that it was grateful to "millions" of players for exploring the "bizarre but dangerous" city of Redfall, adding that creating such a large game world was, to put it mildly, not an easy task for it.

The developers understand that they still have something to work on, and plan to fix everything in their power as soon as possible. Update 1. 1 weighs 32 GB and is already available for download.

The list of changes includes more than 80 items, including improved artificial intelligence of enemies, increased frequency of collisions with opponents and an overall improvement in the quality of graphics.

Among the innovations, there is still no performance mode with 60 FPS for the Xbox Series X|S, but the authors have not abandoned their plans and promise to provide additional information about it later.

Part of the fixes and improvements:Improved visibility when shooting from a sniper rifle through an optical sight. Breaking glass now shatters at the first impact.

Players can move without interruption while performing melee attacks. Updated descriptions of various missions and brief information about them in all languages.

Fixed numerous situations where enemies did not react to what was happening in battle. Cultists and mercenaries received improved behavior in combat, including faster reaction times.

Improved the system of movement of human enemies, including synchronization of animations and response speed. Sleeping vampires are now more susceptible to waking up from the noise created by players.

Players got a chance to meet more enemies of different types while exploring the open world. Improved lighting and sound inside many rooms.

Updated skyboxes to prevent excessive twinkling of stars. Fixed an issue where some textures were not loaded completely, which led to their blurring.

Fixed several cases where players could encounter an endless loading screen. Improved frame rate.

Reflections in pools of blood no longer flicker too much. Optimized memory usage.

Overall stability improvement. The time of appearance of some subtitles has been adjusted so that they are displayed in the correct order.

The full list of changes can be found at the link. Redfall is available in Game Pass for Xbox Series X|S and PC.


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