Bungie aims to make Marathon an example of the perfect game service

Bungie aims to make Marathon an example of the perfect game service
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Insider Tom Henderson shared new details about the Bungie studio's sci-fi PvP shooter Marathon, which was announced in May at the PlayStation Showcase 2023 presentation.

The project is being created for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. In the role of cybernetic mercenaries, players will have to make runs into the ever-changing landing zones on the planet

Tau Ceti IV, where there was a vanished human colony that left behind untold riches.

Here's what an insider told about the game:Marathon is a third-person shooter with elements familiar from games such as Escape From Tarkov. You can play in a team or alone.

One of the features of the project is the oxygen system.

All players have a limited supply of oxygen, which, in fact, acts as a countdown timer for the match - as soon as a player loses oxygen, health begins to be lost along with it.

In order not to die, players will have to look for oxygen tanks during the match or replenish the stock in advance through the store before going into battle.

The damage received will be accompanied by various effects. For example, a bullet hitting the waist area can damage the oxygen supply, which will lead to its faster depletion.

Another example is a contusion, as a result of which the screen will periodically blur.

There will be a system of abilities and perks, including faster respawn, less oxygen consumption, faster movement in water, and so on.

Abilities are more influential on the game, for example, night vision can detect the contours of the enemy.

The more the player moves forward, the more advantages and abilities he will discover for himself. Bungie wants to make Marathon an example of the perfect service game.

The developers strive to achieve a minimum download time, and to increase replayability, the cards will contain many secrets.

The main game cycle includes choosing missions before the match, buying or choosing equipment / perks / abilities/ weapons, switching to the server, loot extraction / completing tasks / researching and searching for secrets, spending experience points on upgrades.

The current version has a permanent death feature, but it is implied that players will only lose loot (weapons, artifacts, currency, etc.), while implants are sometimes lost, and perks are never.

Three different maps are currently in development, but it is not yet known whether all of them will be available immediately at the start.


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