Project Dragon from the creators of Hitman will be an Xbox console exclusive

Project Dragon from the creators of Hitman will be an Xbox console exclusive
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IO Interactive's upcoming fantasy RPG Project Dragon is indeed being made as an Xbox console exclusive, as previously rumored.


This is confirmed by Microsoft's internal documentation, which was made public in the course of legal proceedings with the US Federal Trade Commission regarding the purchase of Activision Blizzard.

One page of a document detailing Xbox's research into a potential acquisition by IOI lists the studio's "anticipated and previously released games", including Project Dragon.

In the list of platforms on which the game will be released, only the Xbox Series X|S and PC are indicated, and next it is noted that the project is being developed in conjunction with Xbox Game Studios Publishing.

In addition, the company specified the genre of the title - it will be an RPG shooter. No release date yet.

Officially, the only thing known about Project Dragon is that with this game, IO Interactive plans to "go on a new journey for itself - the world of multiplayer games", and the project itself should determine the future of the studio and its interaction with the players for many years to come.

According to Windows Central and Eurogamer, Project Dragon is a major fantasy RPG with dragons, a medieval world, dedicated server multiplayer, and years of support.

The project is compared with Destiny, World of Warcraft and Diablo.


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