Developers complained about insults from players women suffer more often

Developers complained about insults from players  women suffer more often
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Insulting developers, harassment and toxic behavior on the part of players is a serious problem that deserves active discussion, according to industry figures.


This is reported by the Axios resource, referring to a large-scale survey conducted by the organizers of the annual professional Game Developers Conference.

As part of the initiative, the organizers interviewed 2,300 developers from around the world.

91% of respondents noted that a negative attitude towards developers from the audience is a serious or extremely serious problem.

Another 4% of respondents do not see a particular problem, and 5% admitted that they find it difficult to give a clear answer.

In addition, 40% of respondents noted that they personally encountered harassment from the gaming audience and read unpleasant statements about themselves or know about such cases from their colleagues in the studio.

More often than not, marketers and PR specialists are at the center of conflicts. According to journalists, men working in the industry are less likely to be attacked by aggressive users than women.

Sometimes developers are threatened with violence — in the most difficult cases, they have to contact the police.


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