Disney has stopped developing "Star Wars" films from Kevin Feige and Patty Jenkins

Disney has stopped developing "Star Wars" films from Kevin Feige and Patty Jenkins
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Two films in the "Star Wars" universe from the head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige and the director of "Wonder Woman" Patty Jenkins are no longer in active development, Variety reports.


Unnamed sources of the publication, who are aware of the work of the two filmmakers, claim that the unexpected success of "Mandalorian" and inflated expectations from the ninth episode of "Skywalker. Sunrise" led to a change in the franchise's strategy.



"Rogue Squadron" by Patty Jenkins was planned for release in December of this year, but in September last year the tape was excluded from the Lucasfilm release grid without explanation.

In turn, almost nothing was known about the untitled Star Wars film curated by Kevin Feige.

Nevertheless, despite these changes, another full-length film of the space saga, the production of which was entrusted to Taika Waitita, according to sources, is still in the production schedule of the studio.

The picture was first announced in 2020. In addition to directing, Waititi will also play one of the roles in it.

The project should introduce new characters and expand the Star Wars universe.

Finally, there remains one more confirmed Star Wars film from Oscar-winning director Sharmin Obaid-Chinoy ("The Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness") and screenwriters Damon Lindelof ("The Guardians") and Justin Britt-Gibson ("The Doppelganger"), but there is no information about its status yet.

Also, Disney has an unannounced film of the series, which is due to be released on December 19, 2025.


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