Sony has simplified the work with discs on the PlayStation 5

Sony has simplified the work with discs on the PlayStation 5
Published by 09 Mar, 2023 0 likes

A new update for the PlayStation 5 console released yesterday made changes to the way installed games are launched.


Notes to the update with a full list of all changes appeared on the PlayStation website. It turned out that the company, in fact, made digital and physical copies of games more unified.

Now, if a digital version of the game is installed on the PS5, purchased on the account of another user of this console, and at the same time there is a disk version of the same game, then you can play the installed digital version by inserting a disk, without having to additionally install a disk version from it.

Similarly, if the game was installed using a disk and its downloadable version was purchased, then from now on you can play the installed disk version of the game without inserting the disk.

It is assumed that these methods also work for games received by PS Plus subscription.


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