Team Ninja is open to the idea of creating Ninja Gaiden 4

Team Ninja is open to the idea of creating Ninja Gaiden 4
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Japanese studio Team Ninja does not mind returning to work with the franchise Ninja Gaiden, but currently it does not have the necessary resources for this, said the development manager of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Fumihiko Yasuda.

In addition to Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Team Ninja is currently engaged in the development of the PlayStation 5 exclusive adventure action pack Rise of the Ronin.

Yasuda believes that Ninja Gaiden could be continued by a completely new team based on the studio or — by special agreement — by a third-party team from another company.

However, no decision has yet been taken in this regard. "We don't announce anything, but both of these ideas seem reasonable.

And they are suitable not only for Ninja Gaiden.

But if we entrusted the development of the new Ninja Gaiden to a third-party team, we would have to control the process in any case to be sure that the fans will like the game and will be able to exceed their expectations, "explained the producer.

After Tomonobu Itagaka left Team Ninja, the studio independently launched Ninja Gaiden 3, but this game was unsuccessful.

Released in 2012, an improved version of the third part with the subtitle Razor's Edge helped to somewhat correct the situation, but still did not become a big hit.

After that, the studio switched to other series.


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