The release of the turn-based tactical role-playing game The Last Spell took place

The release of the turn-based tactical role-playing game The Last Spell took place
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Ishtar Games has released a tactical role-playing game The Last Spell with elements of a "bagel" on consoles and PCs.


Users will lead a group of hardened heroes in order to defend the last bastion of humanity in the face of hordes of monsters. In honor of the release, a trailer consisting of two parts was released.


In the first, the developers demonstrate an animated video in the style of animated series of the 90s, and in the second, the gameplay is shown.


According to the plot, the wizards staged a Cataclysm in a reckless attempt to stop the war that has been shaking the world for decades. Huge clumps of pure magic destroyed almost everything.


The world was enveloped in a mysterious purple fog, in which bloodthirsty monsters lurked, coming out at night. Humanity's only hope is the Last Spell that will rid the doomed world of magic.


His preparation will take several days, and during this time a handful of desperate heroes must protect the unfortunate magicians from any threats.


The Last Spell is available on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC.


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