New Avowed Details Revealed for Xbox Series X|S and PC

New Avowed Details Revealed for Xbox Series X|S and PC
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Avowed game director Carrie Patel and Obsidian CEO Fergus Urquhart shared new details of the fantasy role-playing game Avowed in an interview with PC Gamer.


At the beginning of the game, your character arrives in a remote corner of the Eora world called the Living Lands as an envoy of the Aedir Empire, where he was sent to investigate a mysterious plague, but not all residents of the distant land are delighted with the presence of the imperials, which becomes the beginning of an exciting adventure.


Initially, a large-scale open world in the spirit of Skyrim could appear in Avowed, but when the developers started creating the game and focused on what they do best - on stories and companions - the project itself came to a more compact scale, reminiscent of past Obsidian role-playing games, such as The Outer Worlds.

In addition, great attention was paid to the fact that the companions in the game were a full and integral part of the story. In Avowed, they will be deeply attached to the plot and the player.

"We wanted to create the feeling that you are on a big wild frontier and are going on an adventure with a small but cohesive team.

The feeling that you are traveling through wild places together, sharing all the discoveries and dangers.

These characters are as much a part of your story as the big events you find yourself in the center of."

"In most of our games, companions were optional, which, in my opinion, gave players a great choice, but it also imposed a limit on how deeply they could be tied to the main plot.

At Avowed, we decided to make companions a key part of the experience.

And this means that we can put a lot more into them and connect them much more closely and personally with the events and parts of the world that the player will face."

As for the interaction with other characters, in Avowed it will be similar to The Outer Worlds, where the dialogue options reflected the tone that the player adhered to.

The authors try to make the dialogues sufficiently individual so that the options are fun and interesting, but at the same time leave enough space around them so that the player can put into them how he positions his character.

The developers did not talk in detail about the plot, but gave some basic information about what form of role-playing game can be expected from Avowed.

The main character has the prescribed role of an imperial envoy, but the player will determine his personality, appearance and views himself.

Two races will be available to choose from: humans and elves. Avowed is exclusively singleplayer - without co-op.

The game world is moderately systemic: you can interact with water and lightning, but not pull tricks like putting a bucket on an NPC's head.

At the same time, the player will have two companions with their own combat specialties and characters. Whether they will be able to die is still unknown.

There will be several ability trees without reference to a specific class or style.

Players will be able to level up, but the focus is on discovering abilities rather than gaining points to increase stats.

In the early stages of development, Obsidian decided to give priority to a plot more focused on depth than breadth.


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