Planet Zoo: Sounds of Summer coming 28 Sept!

Planet Zoo: Sounds of Summer coming 28 Sept!
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We are thrilled to announce Planet Zoo: Sounds of Summer!

🎵As the once warm breeze starts to fade, fall into the nostalgia of the blissful Summer days with this calming collection of 12 chill-hop tracks inspired by the wonder of Planet Zoo.

This lo-fi remix of in-game music forms a serene standalone album to relax, ease, and soothe the senses.

Glittering with the fading spell of summer, idyllic soundscapes combine with texture-rich warmth to capture Planet Zoo’s tranquil charm.

The soothing assortment of tracks are perfect for every ebb and flow within your lifestyle.

So settle back, get your cup of tea ready and join us in fading into the slowly shortening days through Sounds of Summer.

We’ll be premiering Planet Zoo: Sounds of Summer on Twitch and YouTube on 28 September 2022, 6PM BST where you can join us and the rest of the community to experience this album for the very first time, all together!

For those who can't make it, we'll have the full mix available on demand on YouTube. We can't wait for you to experience Planet Zoo: Sounds of Summer!

💚Check out a Teaser for what's to come over on our TwitterDetails: Planet Zoo: Sounds of Summer Premiere: Twitch - 28th September 2022, 6PM BSTYouTube - 28th September 2022, 6PM BST


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