Stellaris Dev Diary 277 - The Hunt is On

Stellaris Dev Diary 277 - The Hunt is On
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I know that we said that we weren’t going to be updating the 3. 6 “Orion” Open Beta branch again, but since the Thanksgiving holidays are coming in the US, I’ve asked for one last update to be pushed to the open beta branch, with a potential release candidate.

This update should be going up right about now, so you get this week's dev diary a day earlier than usual. Release Candidate, does that mean…?

​Yes, Orion will be released soon. We’re currently targeting the 29th of November unless unexpected issues arise from this final (really! )

beta release. Here are the complete notes for Stellaris 3.

6. 0 “Orion”.

Final Comments on the Open Beta​Due to the incredible success of the Orion Open Beta, we’re very likely to do similar releases in the future.

Thank you all again for your help - Orion’s in much better shape thanks to your feedback.

I intend on pursuing a smaller set of changes for the next one - testing out a limited set of AI vassalization acceptance changes as the next Open Beta, and possibly some economic tweaks.

So What’s Next?

​The Canis Minor update will follow Orion in Q1 of 2023, and among other things it will include some of the feedback from the Orion beta that we weren’t able to address for 3. 6, and further combat adjustments based on live observation.

This includes things such as a rebalancing of technologies to make the Engineering branch less heavy compared to the other two. I’ll go into the other things planned for the update in the new year.

One of Ptolemy’s constellations, Canis Minor is the little dog that follows the hunter Orion. Meet Tofu, the little dog that follows our QA Director.

​That’s it for today. Enjoy the release candidate!


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