Sony has decided to tighten the rules for the release of games in the PS Store - no more garbage on PS4 and PS5

Sony has decided to tighten the rules for the release of games in the PS Store - no more garbage on PS4 and PS5
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Sony has sent out a letter to developers notifying them of the tightening of the rules for publishing in the PS Store in relation to the so-called shovelware games.


We are talking about low-quality and similar projects, often being a simple ruskin, which, as a rule, are created only for the sake of easily obtaining a platinum trophy.

Now such games will either be blocked at the release stage, or will be removed from the store with the probability that the developer will lose the opportunity to publish in the future.

"SIE strives to ensure that customers can find and discover the full range of PlayStation features, and partners are in equal conditions to be noticed.

When partners oversaturate or "clog up" the PlayStation Store with a variety of variants of the same type of content, this can negatively affect both the experience of consumers and partners," the letter says.

SIE will identify content sent to the PS Store as "spam" or "repetitive" if:Functionality and/or assets are copied or do not differ significantly from already published products, regardless of who the publisher is.

There is a duplicate functionality or experience in the products of one partner, differing only in minor differences in capabilities or assets.

In this case, developers are advised to consider combining small similar content into a single product.

If any of the developers violate the rules, various penalties will be taken against them, including the exclusion of content from the store, restrictions on display and search up to the installation of access only by link, a ban on publication until the violation is eliminated, as well as suspension or deletion of the PlayStation Partners account.


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