Advanced physics and a huge world: Details and screenshots of Dragon's Dogma II from Capcom Showcase

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Advanced physics and a huge world: Details and screenshots of Dragon's Dogma II from Capcom Showcase
Published by 13 Jun, 2023 0 likes

The fantasy role-playing game Dragon's Dogma II closed the Capcom Showcase presentation, but, unfortunately, did not receive a new gameplay demonstration.


Instead, the game director of the project, Hideaki Itsuno, disassembled the previously shown trailer from the PlayStation Showcase and shared a few grains of fresh information.


As in the first part, players will be able to assign themselves pawns (AI—controlled companions) that will accompany them on their adventures - a main customizable pawn and two support pawns based on the characters of other players.


In the sequel, the pawns learned to make more informed decisions, suggest the way to new locations and encourage players, for example, with a "high five" gesture.


The world has become four times larger than in the original Dragon's Dogma, and is filled with various secrets to be found.


Many familiar monsters will return, but besides them there will be new ones, such as Medusa. She could be seen in the first trailer.


There will be new professions for players. Which ones, has not yet been disclosed.


The gameplay will rely on "impressive physics", thanks to which players, for example, will be able to destroy a bridge and even "pull a monster by the leg".


Archer Ulrika and High Priestess Nadinia (two heroines from the key art) will play an important role in the plot.


Dragon's Dogma II is created on the RE Engine exclusively as a singleplayer action RPG for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC.


The developers have not yet disclosed the release date.



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